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To promote and create inclusive leisure, social and recreational opportunities, community based employment and housing thereby enhancing quality of  life.  We hope to do this by continuing to teach skills necessary to be succesful and happy through desires, interests and friendship.

Interested in attending a one of our weekly dinners or community events?  Want to be added to our "Green" email list or "Snail Mail" list?  Want to learn more about our special events items?  Or volunteering?  We would love to hear from you! 


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You can help us in a variety of ways.  We are always in need of craft, gardening and office supplies.  We also create some really cool crafts in our leisure time.  These are available for a nominal donation through our Etsy site or at one of the shops listed on our donate page. You can also make a donation through our GoFundMe site. 


For more information, visit the Support page.

How We Started:

In 2009, a young man by the name of Jon Yard was turning 15.  Although his capabilities were not recognized by all, his mother, who loved and believed in him, decided to create a business model specifically for him.  Incorporating what Jon enjoyed and excelled in doing, he began volunteering in the community and learning unique leisure skills at home.  It wasn't long before his opportunities began to grow and so did the "Yard" Work & More model. 


Community based "employment training" and creative art based leisure was just a small part of what now exists for five core members and extends in a number ways for other young adults in the surrounding community.


"Yard" Work & More, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  We run a community garden and an Etsy site; while providing funding for community based classes and leisure opportunities such as weekend trips, and small inclusive recreational sports. Members of “Yard” Work & More also meet weekly for dinner and social events.  Donations raised through fundraising and craft items support all that we do. 


What started out as a unique self-directed model, grounded in person centered desires, now embraces four core families.  It has come to be better known as a "group self-directed model" which utilizes each members’ strengths and interests.


Our individual families have grown as well.  Our model includes extended family members in a very unique and intimate model, supportive to all and thereby growing support of our young men.


Our tree is growing and branching out, and so are we.


Group photo after the train ride with Santa in New Hope, PA.

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